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    The home template acts as a landing page and is easy to set up, here’s how.

    Creating the Page Templates

    • Create a new page “Pages > Add New” name it whatever you like, something like “home”.
    • If you want to add content to it you can but it’s not required. Any content added will be displayed at the top if the “Home Content” module is active.
    • On the right of your Page Editor screen under “Templates” select the “Homepage” template.
    • Click “Save”
    • Create a new page and name it something like “blog” select the default page template and save it.

    Setting the Home Template as the Front Page

    • Visit Settings > Reading in your WordPress Admin.
    • Under “Front Page Displays” select “Static Page”
    • Under the first “Front Page” dropdown select the “home” page you made earlier.
    • Under the “Posts Page” dropdown select the “blog” page you made earlier.

    Setting up your Homepage

    The Homepage Template comes with several options to help you configure it the way you want. Visit Bootville Options in your WordPress Admin section and click the Homepage tab.

    Starting at the top you’ll see two sections of modules, “Enabled” and “Disabled”. You can arrange these however you like just by dragging them to the enabled section and placing them in the order you want.

    The next section allows you to hide the header image or CTP Slider if you’re using it on the Homepage.

    The next line does the same but for the blog footer widgets. This template can use its own widgets so you can display different widgets just for this page.

    The next section deals with the content of the “home Content” module. Add a title, and content in the editor this will be displayed on the left in that module within a Jumbotron. You can then select a button size, color and text and URL for the button. The last part has an editor which is great for adding an image or video. If you’ve just installed Bootville these fields should display default content to help you see what it can look like.

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