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    The recommended way to make changes to Bootville Lite is to create a child theme and make the changes to that instead. Doing this ensures that you will be able to update Bootville Lite without loosing your custom changes.

    1. Create a new folder, name it whatever you want to name your child theme.
    2. Create a file inside the folder called style.css.
    3. Open style.css and past the following inside changing the details to fit your own theme

    	Theme Name: your_child_theme_name
    	Author: your_name
    	Author URI: 
    	Description: Child theme for Bootville Lite
    	Template: bootville-lite
    @import url("../bootville-lite/style.css");
    Theme customization starts here

    4. Zip the folder using any type of zip program
    5. Visit Appearance > Themes click “Add New” then upload then browse for your new theme, upload an activate it.

    Another way to make CSS changes to Bootville Lite is to download a plugin such as Jetpack CUstom CSS module, or search the WordPress plugin directory for “custom CSS” there are several of them which all do the same thing.

    For specific questions on how to alter Bootville Lite please open a forum post.

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