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    Click “edit” on any post, on the right hand side you’ll notice a meta box “Featured Post Image Slider” check mark the “Add this post to featured slider” and click update.

    You must have a featured image set (must be at least 980px wide) for whatever posts you want displayed in the slider.
    Visit Appearance > Theme Options and select Slider under the slider or header option, then click Save.

    The slider will display a max of 5 posts, to change this number open header.php and around line 107 fine the line that reads

    < ?php if(function_exists('show_featured_posts')) echo show_featured_posts('5'); ?>

    Change the number 5 to your desired number.

    There are a few settings to control the transition effects and theme of the slider as well. Visit Appearance > Theme Options and you’ll see “Slider Theme” and “Transition Effects” Choose from 3 different slider themes and 11 effects.

    Slider styles can be modified as well, open the appropriate folder in inc/slider-themes and edit the style.css however you like.

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