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    Twenty Plus Pro will use Wp PageNavi plugin if it is installed, or display the default page navigation if it isn’t.

    Visit Plugins > Add New in your WordPress admin. In the search field type wp-pagenavi, install and activate it.

    This should be enough to have it working, if you want to optimize it a bit visit the wp-pagenavi settings and follow these steps.
    – Uncheck “use page navi CSS”
    – Change “Text for Number of pages” to “Page %CURRENT_PAGE%”
    – Remove the … … from the “Text For Previous” and “Text For Next” fields.
    – Change “Number of pages to show” to 3
    – Change “Number of larger pages to show” to 1
    – Save settings and refresh your site.

    This should be enough to display page navi properly on mobile devices.

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